android, is an operating system used on a smartphone or tablet PC. as well as symbian, IOS, Blackberry OS, Android is its function was not much different that's operating system has been referred to it earlier. fundamental differences in the android with other smartphone operating system is based on open source this adroid, thus making this smartphone sold cheaper than the BlackBerry or iPhone while Android menarwakan features better features than other smartphones oprasi system.
This android was first developed by prusahaan Android Inc., and in 2005 in akusisikan by Google. features that exist in android very much at all, some of its main feature is the WIFI, Multi-touch, GPS, and much more. android developed based on linux kernel that has been developed, the dam every releasenya code name given by the name of the food dish. very unique at all.

some version of the android:1.Elcair 2.0 / 2.1an early version of android that is widely used by smartphones. This version is the first android version that supports the HTML5 format.
2.Froyo 2.2android is released with new features from previous versions, the increase Wifi hotspot tethering feature and also supports adobe flash and many other features improved.
3.Gingerbread 2.3which has improved a lot this diversion, the foremost being updated UI, improved power management, improved software features keyboard and copy / paste, and has support Near Field Communication.
4.Honeycomb 3.0 - 3.2This version is intended for a gadget with a tablet PC. latest features of this version: support for multicore processors and graphics with hardware acceleration. however, Google decided to close the access to this Honeycomb, this is done to prevent the vendor of mobile phones to install Honeycomb on a smartphone. because of previous diversion, has been widely prusahaan install android version of this into the Tablet PC, so that the user is not satisfied.
5.Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0This version is the latest version this year. This version was released on October 19, 2011 in Hong Kong. This version has been used in many smartphones or tablet PC. The main features of the android ICS are: Face Unlock, Android Beam, the size of a standard screen resolution of 720p.
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Striker Manager For Android

Striker manager was played on google crome earlier but now presents in android devices, This multiplayer online manager game that allows you be the owner of your own soccer team. We can Control finances, buy players, choose the best strategy and compete with friends to become the best manager We can buy players from other users and friendly matches.

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Leader launches 9.7 inch tablet with 1 ghz processor

Not as a manufacturer of electronic tools that others, particularlytablets and mobile phones, which are competing to issue a newtablet-based operating system, another case with the Leader. The company is centered in Pasadena America has just launched atablet labeled Impression 10 who are still using Android Sytem 2.2 Froyo.

The tablet has a 9.7 inch screen with high enough resolution 1.024 x 768 pixels. In addition, in the front there is a 0.3 MP webcam for video chat support.

The tablet also uses Samsung's Cortex processor-based AB 1GHz. To support the performance, this tablet also has 512 MB of RAM and 4GB built in flash storage.

In addition to launching tablet Impression 10, Leader also released tablet Impression 7 with a screen measuring 7 inches. In terms of price, Impression 10 tablets sells for 349 USD (about 3 million) and the Impression for $ 179 USD

According to the plan, two tablets will be launched in the U.S. market in early November. And we do not have information about when it will be marketed outside the U.S.

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